Who needs Barton Deakin?

Who needs Barton Deakin?

You need Barton Deakin Government Relations if:

  • You are a company or organisation wanting to develop stronger and more productive relationships with the Liberal-National Coalition in Government or Opposition
  • You are a company wanting to improve or protect your customer base within government (you have, or would like to have, the government as a customer or supplier)
  • You are a company needing to frame your investment project to maximum effect with the government
  • You are a company or organisation wanting the most effective input into government policy, regulatory and legislative processes
  • You are a company or organisation exploring opportunities for grants or government financial support for establishing or growing your business

How Barton Deakin can help you

Barton Deakin works closely with its clients as part of their core strategic team.

Barton Deakin doesn’t just open doors – it helps you understand what’s going on behind them, how to work most effectively with the Coalition in government or opposition and, most importantly, how to achieve your government corporate strategy goals.

Barton Deakin aims to empower you to manage your own exposure to government decision making by:

  • Helping you develop comprehensive government relations strategies informed by insights into the inner workings of government
  • Working with you to build a case and develop messaging that reflects the different priorities and personalities of each decision maker and those influencing decisions
  • Giving you insight into the inner workings of government to understand how decisions are made and who makes them – so you can build your case most effectively
  • Assisting you make the most of your meetings with decision makers with detailed preparation, briefings and follow up – so you can ensure no hard-earned meeting becomes a simple meet-and-greet
  • Ensuring you make the most of meetings by organising follow-up for all contacts with government

On a practical level, Barton Deakin can help you with:

  • Development and execution of an effective government relations strategy
  • Building a case to support your strategy – and putting it in a context for the Coalition government or opposition
  • Analysis of Coalition policy and how it will affect your business strategy
  • Making the most effective submissions and presentations to the government or opposition
  • Monitoring, intelligence gathering and strategic advice on government matters
  • Contact programs with the government or opposition
  • Advocacy, lobbying and negotiation